mardi 16 octobre 2007

Paris, c'est joli

So if you wonder what's going on with the blog, here's the story. I just spent 3 weeks in France (where we leave in caves so we don't have internet) and meanwhile back in Tokyo, someone is pretending to work 15 hours a day. So I guess no one was around to update what's going on in our fascinating lives. Here's what happened...

some people turned Japanese
Some people turned. We're still not sure actually....
some people turned, hum, 30...

some people sang Karaoke all night

some people tried to bring back cute kittens in Japan
some people got married

some people walked around pretending to be tourists

lundi 15 octobre 2007

some people just sat on the sun all day

yes, all day.

some people took pictures of le Louvre but didn't went inside

and some people went to some fancy place to eat macarons for breakfast and thought they were back in New York for a minute...

dimanche 9 septembre 2007

no this is not the new way of building houses to save space in Tokyo. It's some random Ferris wheel but with little houses. Kind of weird, we'll have to try.

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Asakusa is pretty

Today we went to Asakusa, there's a very beautiful temple from 1649, the "Sensoji Temple". Think of the neighborhood as an old downtown. Small houses and shops, pretty much what you think Tokyo could have been before the skyscraper era.

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I'm a big fish nerd

So here in Tokyo there are a lot of fish stores (not the one you eat silly, the one you lock in a small see through tank and stare at). Usually you find them on the top floor of department stores, or in obscure underground galleries. They have much cooler exotic fish then we do (I guess there are less regulations on what you can sell). Here are one very cool eel (hum, I think it's an eel). Pictures are a bit blurry because instead of pausing she kept trying to attack through the glass. I don't think she liked me.

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